14-16 September 2023


The European Summit on Dental Education: Digitalization aims at counting on representatives from the most important Universities in Europe to produce guidelines and recommendations to be published and followed in the reshaping of Dental Education in the old continent. This is possibly the most crucial moment dentistry education has seen for technological progress, mentality change and successful establishment of guidelines that allow education institutions to realize how technology and digitization are na important and unavoidable part of the education process, as well as development and research.
October 2023 in Italy

2023 EADD Open Congress - 2nd World Digital Dentistry Summit

EADD reshaped its Annual Congress to be the leading Digital Dentistry Event of 2023 and one of the most successful events that Dentistry and Dental Technology have ever witnessed, following the success of previous editions that counted on the participation of EADD Members and General Participants from 85 different countries. Stay tuned for more information!