Payment of annual dues

According to Article 17 and Article 79 of EADD Bylaws, payment of annual dues shall be done by all EADD Members until the 15th of February of each year.
Taking into consideration the exceptional nature of 2020, the Executive Council, by decision of the EADD President, opted by exempting all Members from the 2020 annual dues.

According to the decision taken by majority in a secret ballot voting with the presence or representation of all EADD Members, the First General Assembly decided that the annual membership fee for 2021 shall be three hundred euro.

According to Article 17 of EADD Bylaws: Members who fail to have their status regularized in respect of compliance with the annual dues, will be automatically suspended on February 15th of each year, and will no longer be able to exercise their rights to EADD, being excluded from the Academy due to lack of fulfilment of financial obligations. In the case of Founding Members, failure to fulfil the first annual due shall result in definitive cancelation of the Founder status.