Request for Accreditation/Certification of Events

The following certification procedures aim at ensuring the quality of education and knowledge, as the proliferation of entities offering education, public and private, is rapidly growing, sometimes without any control as to their technical and scientific worth, rigor of content and operating conditions, leading to the urgent and unavoidable need of thorough scrutiny in order to defend the interests of colleagues who resort to them.

Any mistakes or omissions in this form do not exempt the entity from the responsibilities described in the document entitled “Regulation for Accreditation/Certification of Continuous Education and Events”.
All information required in the Regulation Norms omitted in this form shall be submitted through additional documents.


Submission of the required information in Article 3, number 2, points f) g) h) i) of the Accreditation regulations document, respecting all required information well described in all other articles of the same document.

Proof of payment of the accreditation emoluments

The applicant entity declares and accepts that: